Building Information Modelling (BIM)

We can provide detailed 2D and 3D site and logistics diagrams, as well as phasing models and diagrams. We can fully integrate a construction programme with a BIM model to your requirements.

2D BIM Services

Our qualified team understand that Site Logistics can pave the way to a smooth delivery on site. We can help you develop clear and concise visual logistics strategies, addressing all constraints, methods and planning during the construction period allowing for minimal disruption and importance towards safe environments for both pedestrians and workers.

With our expertise within all aspects Planning, we can also aid in the development of Phasing Diagrams throughout your construction project enabling self explanatory diagrams explaining various challenges which the whole project team and clients can comprehend. i.e: Phasing, Logistics, Crane Over sailing, Scaffold Erection and much more.

3D BIM Services

Many companies are now moving to 4D BIM services, however, we are still able to create new models from scratch for simpler works, together with checking & modifying existing models. We can provide phasing diagrams, 3D logistics in both static and animated alliterations to give your project the added boost and winning factor that it deserves. Regardless of if you have 2D drawings or PDF’s we can bring your drawings to life in all aspects of 3D.

4D BIM Services

With the increasing demand for projects to comply with both ISO 19650 and Stage 2 BIM Protocols in accordance with Government objectives, we can help you deliver powerful 4D BIM Models which will allow any member of the project team to visualise the entire construction process and sequence throughout the lifetime of the project from a touch of a button.

As Construction Planners we are the industry standard in all aspects of planning, that alongside our BIM expertise, we are able to integrate and combine your 3D Models with the Construction Programme directly, giving the perfect representation of time management to any BIM Model.

With our 4D Models we are able to analyse Clash Detection, Lean Scheduling, Detailed Simulations and Animations of the Construction Sequence, Planned vs Actual 3D Comparisons and many more outcomes to streamline and reduce costs of your overall project.