4D Planning & BIM Services

Profile can expand, guide and assist you and your project by supporting your
BIM capabilities and maximising performance

What is 4D Planning/BIM?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

With the use of professional planning and modelling software, productivity
of construction proiects can be vastly improved. This is done by directly integrating and combining your 3D Model with the Construction Programme, creating powerful visual simulations which will allow any member of the project team visualise the whole construction process in time progression at a touch or a button.


Our Process

Benefits of 4D BIM

Improved scheduling and planning.

Eliminate ambiguity and uncertainty from your project.

Improved team coordination and communication due to visualisation through models.

Clearer progress/ project monitoring via animated as built vs planned construction sequence.

Cash detection / improved conflict prevention and resolutions.

Improved delivery of the project and cost savings.

Better quality and safer construction sites with visual logistics.

Software We Use



3D Modelling


4D Modelling/BIM


Visuals & Animations

Examples of Our Work

Other Supporting BIM Services

2D & BIM

  • 2D Logistic Strategies.
  • Phasing Diagrams.
  • Can aid in updating 2D drawings as part of your BIM process.

3D & BIM

  • 3D Logistic Strategies.
  • 3D Phasing Diagrams.
  • Can create and update your new/existing models.
  • Update your 3D for BIM compliance.

BIM Audits & Support

  • Review, analyse and feedback on your existing data for BIM compliance.
  • Offer or advise on appropriate solutions.
  • Assist and support with all other BIM processes outside of 4D.

Dispute & Claims

  • Offer & provide 4D BIM solutions/ models for Dispute and Claims resolution.
  • Create As built vs Panned simulations.
  • Highlight delays or compensation events in our visual 4D simulation.

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